Lentil ‘hummous’

This stuff is good for spreading on a baguette a spread for sandwhiches.

Or for a nice party fingerfood or dinner starter, slice the baguette diagonally, toast on both sides, drizzle with olive oil, then dollop hot lentil spread on top.

You need…

A mix of green and brown lentils
1 clove garlic
1 – 2 green chillis
1 lemons
black pepper (freshly ground)
extra virgin olive oil
flat leaf parsley (or dried parsley)

Measure out a volume of brown lentils, wash and add to your pot, then add at least twice that volume of water.

Bring to the boil, remove lid and boil for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, cut the chilli(s) open, remove the stalk and seeds. Peel garlic and add this and the chilli(s) to the lentils. Reduce heat to simmer gently. Check the lentils occasionally to make sure they don’t dry up. Add more boiling water if the pot is running low.

Once the lentils are soft, drain and turn off the heat. You may leave to cool if required.

Once cooled, grind in some salt and black pepper to taste. Add the juice of a lemon, and an equal amount of olive oil.

Blend the lentils with a hand blender until smooth. Add more lemon juice and oil if required, until the spread reaches the desired consistency. Add finely chopped flat leaf parsley (or dried parsley if fresh is unavailable)

Refridgerate and use within five days. Can also be frozen – simply leave at room temperature to defrost the day before it’s needed.


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