Pizza Express

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Pizza Express has been named the most vegan-friendly food chain by a certain organisation whose name I won’t mention. This is simply because they’re willing to serve their pizzas without cheese.

Err… so what? They’re willing to leave out cheese, which actually makes it that little bit cheaper for them to make a pizza for you. Do they give you a discount for not having cheese? Errm… no!

And they don’t even do risotto!

Pizza Express the most vegan-friendly food chain? I beg to differ. I think Baguette du Monde is the most vegan-friendly – because I’m vegan and the price of the food there is very friendly to my pockets. And anyway, pizzas without cheese are boring, man! I say this even though I make vegan pizzas all the time. There just seems to be something missing. That something is cheese. Sorry.

I do really like Pizza Express; I just don’t think they deserve an award for not putting cheese on pizzas. It’s not as if they are going to refuse your request and watch you (and your money) walk out, is it.

Anyway – there are two in the city centre – one at Water’s Edge, Brindleyplace, and one at 4,The Citadel,190 Corporation St.

Their menu features a fair few vegan options; all of their intros are vegan, some of their starters (bruschetta) are vegan*, and nearly all of their side dishes are either vegan or veganizable*.

Unfortunately it looks like none of their desserts are vegan.

*make sure they use olive oil instead of butter/marge on garlic bread and bruschetta


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